TROPIC BLUE Vietnam is a wholesaler and exporter of tropical ornamental fish, marine fish, fresh water fish, marine invertebrates, clams and corals from Vietnam. We have a wide variety of species with high quality aquariums.

Our company uses the finest European technology and the industry experience in ornamental fish production. We have our own laboratory and nursery to take care of all our fish. Therefore, our products are free of diseases and parasites.

Our goal is to sell directly to the market from the source, and to keep a long-term partnership with people of the same trade all over the world.

Quality and Reliability are Our Priority.

Please contact us to get more information via e-mail:  or . Hamy Pham & Raphael Puglisi, our sales manager will answer incoming e-mails as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your interest in TROPIC BLUE Ltd Company.